Mobile Connect in action

From e-commerce, banking and retail, to public sector and parental controls, Mobile Connect is the global identity solution that spans operators, industries and service providers.

China mobile have firmly established themselves in the digital identity market through a number of commercial applications.

China Mobile

The business has come a long way with digital identity since entering the market over 10 years ago with its signature solution


Three of the UK’s leading operators enabled Mobile Connect to compare customer information, better understand their audience and help prevent fraud.

O2, Three & Vodafone

Turkcell utilises Mobile Connect as their default log-in option on its self-care app and website.


Telefónica deployed Mobile Connect to make it easier for customers to use its online self-care portal, Mi Movistar.

Telefonica Spain

SKT and the other Korean operators have adopted Mobile Connect to help them drive revenue for operators of US$40 million annually.

SK Telecom South Korea

SKT employed Mobile Connect to make it easier for international customers to use SKT’s apps and services.

SK Telecom

Mobilink (Pakistan) have deployed Mobile Connect to simplify the user experience on their online self-care portal with a view to increase usage.


América Móvil employed Mobile Connect to unify their user profiles via a single-sing on capability. Mobile Connect maximises the usage of its portfolio of value-added services.

América Móvil