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Engagement in the digital world depends on trust. Every Digital Service Provider that shows powerful and proven approaches to checking customers’ identities and swiftly verifying transactions will win business.

Customers want to trust the services they use on their mobiles. They value their privacy. When all is safe and secure, they’ll buy from you. Once they see how easy it is, they’ll keep on coming back.

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Discover the facts on fraud

What do you estimate the cost of global cybercrime to be?

$600 billion | $200 million | $400 million

Correct. In 2015 an estimated $600 billion USD was lost to cybercime worldwide. This was 20% up on the previous year.

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Discover the facts on fraud

What percentage of global internet traffic is on mobile?

20% | 50%+ | 30%

Correct. 51.2% of total global internet traffic is from mobile.

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Discover the facts on fraud

Out of a global population of 7.53 Billion how many unique mobile subscribers are there?

2 Billion | 4 Billion | 5 Billion

Correct. 5bn The number of unique mobile subscribers globally. This represents 66% of the global population.

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Source GSMA Intelligence

Discover the facts on fraud

What percentage of consumers will switch from a poorly designed e-commerce mobile site to an alternative mobile site that makes purchasing easier.

70% | 30% | 50%

Correct. 73% of consumers will switch from a poorly designed e-commerce mobile site to an alternative mobile site that makes purchasing easier.

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Source Google research

Mobile Connect enables Digital Service Providers to deliver, safe, secure and seamless ecommerce experiences via the trusted relationship they already have with their mobile network operator.

Mobile Connect ecosystem: Who's who?

Connecting through a secure digital identity

Mobile Connect does more than simplify the end user’s instant and safe access to a world of Digital Service Providers (DSPs), it unlocks opportunities for the end user and any of the many organisations engaging with end users; all the while creating a smoother, faster, and intuitive user experience. It inspires trust and confidence between the end user and DSP, the end user and the operator, and the DSP and the operator. Put simply – everybody’s happy.

Mobile Network Operators

The bridge between the end user and DSPs, the Mobile Network Operator enables and empowers transactional relationships easily and simply by engaging with end users to authenticate the user and authorise transactions.

Technology Platform Partners

Shared platform providers enable operators to provide their own services direct to DSPs while being discoverable through a single technical integration (API federation model).

Channel Partners

Mobile Connect supports and delivers solutions for three channnel partner types – Aggregators, Resellers, and Strategic Partners (integrating Mobile Connect into their own ecosystems) – to bring the benefits of our secure universal identity service, delivered through one single log-in, to the widest user base possible.

Accelerator and Mobile Connect Vendors

Licensed product vendors and Mobile Connect Accelerator Partners enable operators to get the enabled offerings to market faster via already licensed solutions and a fully managed service.

Mobile Connect Attributes

Preventing fraud.

Mobile Connect Verified MSISDN Match and Share: using device and network information for ID verification and fraud prevention.

Mobile Connect Attributes matches the phone number entered by the user with that of the device accessing the digital service site or shares the MSISDN of the device accessing the digital service portal.


Ecommerce in India


As India’s economy becomes increasingly digital and mobile-centric, the opportunities in eCommerce are expanding rapidly. But, with more connections comes more points of attack for fraudsters, putting the confidence of India’s growing online consumer base at stake.

Digital Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators share common opportunities and challenges in this environment, by working together they can win consumer confidence and share the rewards.