Now you can log in, to websites and applications without the need for multiple passwords or usernames.

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Mobile Connect is the new, simple and safe way to log-in – wherever you see this logo.


Just think how many websites and apps you can’t access without setting up different user names and passwords. It’s frustrating that the more we use the internet, the more log-in details we have to remember.

With Mobile Connect, there’s no need for multiple passwords or user names so log- in is simpler.


Sometimes, we avoid the problem of remembering usernames and passwords by logging in with our social network log-in details. However, many people are increasingly worried about how much personal information such log-ins need and share and whether their personal information will be used without permission.

With Mobile Connect, no personal information is made available to the website or app you’re logging into without your consent.


Recent high profile online security breaches have resulted in people’s passwords falling into the wrong hands. Because your mobile device is used for verification, it is more difficult to compromise your Mobile Connect account.

Mobile Connect is safer and more secure because you are using your mobile number as your digital identity, and verifying it through the device which you always have with you, your mobile phone. Your request to login works through your mobile device.


Mobile Connect verifies you through the device that you always keep with you - your mobile phone. Safer log-in is literally in your hands.

Easy to sign up

You can set up your Mobile Connect account with your mobile provider in two ways:

Just click on the Mobile Connect logo when you see it as an option on a website or application


Sign up directly with your mobile provider. Most likely you will receive an invitation via a text message, an email or from their customer care portal.

Easy to use

1. Once registered, simply click on the Mobile Connect logo whenever you see it as a log-in option.

2. A message will then pop up on your mobile phone. This may ask you to click a simple OK or, if the site or app requires a higher level of security, you may need to enter a personal code such as a PIN.

3. As soon as you respond to this prompt, Mobile Connect verifies you and you’re logged in to website or application.

Secure online log-in through the power of mobile

Secure online log-in through the power of mobile


Mobile Connect is provided by a global network of mobile providers with decades of experience in managing customer information safely and securely.

In which countries is Mobile Connect available?

Mobile Connect is currently being deployed in various countries including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. More mobile providers/carriers will be offering the service so check with your local mobile provider to find out when Mobile Connect is coming to your region/country.

Where can I use the service?

Websites and applications offering the service will display the Mobile Connect logo. It works when logging in on any internet-enabled device – computer, tablet, smart or feature phone but remember it is always your mobile phone that confirms your identity.

How safe is Mobile Connect?

With typical username/password schemes, there’s a danger that other people will discover or guess your password and steal your identity. With Mobile Connect however, you use your mobile number and mobile phone to verify your identity. As you are the only person in possession of your phone, you are the only person who can log-in.

What happens if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

You can always call your operator to report that your device has been lost or stolen. Your Mobile Connect account will be blocked to ensure that it cannot be used to log into your service.

Will my personal information be shared with other people?

Your mobile provider won’t pass on your mobile phone number unless you give your permission When Mobile Connect does request additional information, for example, when you wish to make secure online payments, you can be reassured the information you disclose will only be used for the intended purpose.

How do I register to use Mobile Connect?

Your mobile provider might invite you to pre-register for Mobile Connect, this invitation might be via a text message, an email or invitation from their customer care portal. Alternatively you might first see the Mobile Connect logo on a third party website and click on it. Before you can use the service you need to complete a straightforward registration process, which includes agreeing to your operator’s Mobile Connect service T&Cs and confirming your mobile number. Once you are signed up to Mobile Connect you can use the service every time you see the logo.

What happens if a website requires higher security levels?

If the site or app requires a higher level of security, your bank for example, you may need to enter a personal code such as a PIN.

Where can developers access Mobile Connect?

If you are developing websites or applications and wish to offer Mobile Connect as a log-in option, please visit our dedicated Developers’ portal at https://developer.mobileconnect.io

Who is behind this website?

This site is provided by the GSMA. We represent the interests of nearly 800 mobile providers worldwide and more than 250 companies in the broader mobile world including manufacturers, software companies and Internet providers. The GSMA is supporting the mobile providers in launching Mobile Connect worldwide.