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Authentication, authorisation and identification: faster, simpler, and secure

As a digital service provider you want access to your services to be as easy and convenient as you can make it. Our developer portal provides technical guidance and tools for incorporating Mobile Connect into your applications. You can access the right tools to enhance applications and build new working relationships within operators and other appropriate service providers.

The right tools

APIs: Operations that allow developers to interact with operator ID Gateways.


The Discovery service supports a number of different methods of retrieving the end-user’s ID Gateway details. The methods that you use will depend upon your specific scenarios. You may need to implement multiple discovery methods to handle multiple scenarios and provide the best user experience.

How it works

The Mobile Connect Server Initiated API specifies a set of operations that allow developers to interact with operator ID Gateways using server-toserver interactions. It helps eliminate bottlenecks by supporting a fully asynchronous communication, thus allowing service providers to consume any Mobile Connect service between a pair of servers, even when the user is not interacting with a service provider.

SDKs: Platform-specific SDKs and libraries for integrate Mobile Connect into your applications and services.

SDKs provide a simple, safe and secure way to quickly implement Mobile Connect, handling multiple discovery scenarios automatically. Each SDK includes the required frameworks and an example application, along with full documentation. Mobile Connect actively maintains and supports the following SDKs:

  • Java for server-side applications
  • PHP for server-side applications
  • . NET for Windows 8 and Windows 10 server environments and Windows Phone 8
  • Security

How it works

The SDKs are designed so that the serverside components can support different approaches. They can be used on their own with server-to-server interactions, paired with your own client interface (such as a web or desktop interface) or paired with the relevant client side libraries.

OpenID Connect: A RESTful API allowing digital service providers to authenticate end users through the authentication performed by an authorisation server.

OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer on top of the existing OAuth 2.0 protocol, allowing clients of all types (including web-based, mobile, and JavaScript clients) to request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end users.

The OpenID Connect Specification is set by the OpenID Foundation, and is constantly evolving. Participants can also use optional features such as encryption of identity data, discovery of OpenID Providers, and session management.


Platforms and Operations

The GSMA offers a series of technical platforms and services designed to help Digital Service Providers deploy Mobile Connect successfully.

Interoperability Test Suite Portal

Check if your product complies with the Mobile Connect specification.

API Exchange

Offering better user interface for finding out what MNO a subscriber belongs to.

Developer Portal

Comprehensive documentation and tools including APIs and SDKs along with a Sandbox to facilitate the integration of Mobile Connect into your applications.

Service Desk

A single point of contact for all your enquiries.