Mobile Connect

Engaging – Reassuring – Inspiring

Fast end user engagement with digital services

Mobile Connect Phone Number: Enabling end users to consent to share just one personal identity factor – the MSISDN associated with their Mobile Connect account.

Mobile Connect Sign-up: End users simply consent for their mobile operator to share core information about them with the requesting Digital Service Provider.

Mobile Connect National ID: Enables end users to share core information revealing their identity (for example name, date of birth and national identifier such as passport number or national ID number) in accordance with the local legislation and regulations.

Mobile Connect KYC Match: Provides a comparison of the user’s name and address relative to subscriber information held by the mobile network operator.

Product features

End user always authenticates on the mobile phone
Explicit consent from the end user (Yes/No) before sharing identity data
Best efforts for Mobile Connect Sign-up
Identity data available as single values, or as a set of values
Single API from multiple operators across the globe
Open, industry standard interface (OpenID)

Four stages of robust end user identification


The service provider identifies the serving operator and requests the end user's identity data.


The operator authenticates the end user and asks for their consent to share the identity data with the DSP.


The end user actively consents for the operator to share their identity data.


The operator shares the identity data with the DSP.

Verify citizen attributes

Geoff is trying to renew his lost driving license. As he accesses the website he needs to provide proof of identity online, as with all public services. The service triggers a Mobile Connect request. The operator checks that the alleged details match with their own database – in hashed form – and return an indication of whether the records concur. Geoff can now easily proceed with the details of the online application process.

Confidence in the validity of information

Makes it easy for any Digital Service Provider to spot wrong information.

Geoff's privacy is protected: the matching of hashed information ensures that no party learns anything during the transaction which they did not know before.


Data sharing with appropriate consent mechanisms

Anika is using a new shopping app. The app needs her phone number for texting her with delivery status updates. She can provide it via SMS OTP or Mobile Connect. Selecting Mobile Connect, she receives a prompt on her phone asking for permission to share her number with the app. She clicks 'Yes', and the app gets her number.

Seamless purchasing

Convenient, reduces the tedium of constantly providing number and verification codes.

Anika gets the registration process sorted out lighting fast, and buys while she's in the mood; no frustration/no drop-out.