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Mobile Connect is a secure universal identity service for Digital Service Providers, offering a simple, trusted way for mobile users to share sensitive data, and undertake transactions with confidence. Mobile Connect enables authentication, authorisation and secure identity verification, swiftly, globally, and cost-effectively.

Why choose Mobile Connect?

Enhance consumer trust
Reduce fraud
Open up new revenue streams
Deliver seamless user experience
Build consumer loyalty
Improve operational efficiency

At a glance


By matching the end user to their mobile phone number, Mobile Connect empowers the user to confirm his/her identity online, and authorise transactions such as payments, sharing only the personal data that’s essential for completing the transaction.


The Mobile Connect product portfolio is delivered through the Mobile Connect API using the OpenID Connect standard. The service provider’s application invokes the API to request the desired functionality from an operator; examples are authenticating an end user or requesting an end user to authorise a transaction. The operator engages with the end user to fulfil the request and provide a response back to the application.


The Mobile Connect API’s unique federated architecture works seamlessly with multiple operators across the globe.


Mobile Connect Attributes

Preventing fraud.

Mobile Connect Verified MSISDN Match and Share: using device and network information for ID verification and fraud prevention.

Mobile Connect Attributes matches the phone number entered by the user with that of the device accessing the digital service site or shares the MSISDN of the device accessing the digital service portal.


Mobile Connect global deployment locations

Mobile Connect is being adopted around the world with key markets embracing the opportunity in different ways and establishing new levels of cooperation between operators.


Watch Mobile Connect at work

Mobile Connect for Banking

Banks want to give their customers the convenience and confidence to bank digitally. Discover how Mobile Connect helps.

Mobile Connect for Ecommerce

Online shoppers demand security and simplicity – Mobile Connect delivers both, to enable frictionless transactions.

Mobile Connect for Government

E-Government services require a secure, scalable and convenient identity solution – Mobile Connect can deliver it.